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Austin Exchange Messaging Service

Using Other IMAP and POP Clients

If your preferred email cilent does not support Microsoft Exchange, you can configure it to use the POP or IMAP protocols. However, some features of the AEMS, such as email backup, will not be available.

Note: Though you can use other IMAP and POP clients, ITS strongly recommends Austin Exchange Messaging Service (AEMS) customers use Microsoft Outlook.

Server Names

Email programs need the name of the server from which they receive messages (POP or IMAP server) and the name of the server that sends messages (SMTP server).

  • POP or IMAP name: ""

  • SMTP name: ""


Most clients will try to guess your username based on your email address. However, to connect to AEMS using POP or IMAP, you will need to log in with your UT EID and EID password, not your email address or part of it. The outgoing, or SMTP server, should be set to use the same credentials as your incoming server.

IMAP Password Authentication

If you are using the IMAP configuration for Exchange, make sure to use Password authentication only. Other forms of authentication, such as NTLM, MD5, or Kerberos, are not supported.


Email servers have port numbers for email programs to connect to. The port numbers are standardized, and email programs are defined with these numbers for encrypted and unencrypted connections. SMTP should be configured for TLS security, not SSL.

  • IMAP: "993" (SSL required)

  • POP: "995" (SSL required)

  • SMTP: "587" (TLS required)

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