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Automated Attendants

Ordering the Auto-Attendant Service

These are the steps needed to plan and order auto-attendant service.

Assess your department's needs

  • Determine if routine call transfers or FAQs can be handled by an auto-attendant.

  • Divide your department into work groups to which callers can quickly be routed.

  • Determine if your department will benefit from having different greetings or menu options at different times (e.g., business hours, after-hours, weekends, holidays).

Write your script

Create scripts for your main menu and submenus. See creating a professional auto-attendant script for help writing your script.

Order your auto-attendant

To start the ordering process, send an email to the auto-attendant administrator and attach your script. Include a contact name and phone number for your department. We will contact you to determine:

  • the phone number(s) on which the auto-attendant is to be placed.

  • specifics of the implementation, such as number of ports (simultaneous callers).

  • if scheduling is required.

  • the account number to be charged, a name of the signer who has authorized your order.

Actual implementation will be coordinated with your contact person.

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We Can Help

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