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Requesting New Plugins

Plugins offer additional functionality that isn't already found in WordPress core. The University Blog Service utilizes a third-party plugin service called WPMU Dev. This service houses plugins that have been scanned for accessibility and security compliance. Before requesting a plugin, please check to see that it is in the WPMU Dev system or if there is an acceptable alternative. We will consider plugins not housed in this system, but we would like to avoid that if possible. To make your request:

Send an email to This will create a support ticket that will be used to track your request. In your email, please include:

  • A link to the specific blog(s) you'd use this plugin on.
  • The name of the plugin (and a link to it, if possible).
  • A description of the business need that this plugin would solve.
  • An approximate number of faculty/staff who would immediately benefit from using the plugin.
  • A description of how this plugin might benefit a larger number of University Wiki Service users.

Upon receipt of your request the Blogs administrators will evaluate the plugin, taking into consideration its benefit to the service as a whole and any potential security risks.

Typically decisions are made in as little as three business days, but they can take up to one month depending on whether we have other requests for a similar plugin. Blogs administrators will keep you updated on the progress of your request.

Last updated February 20, 2014 @ 3:12 pm

We Can Help

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