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Departmental Account Sponsor Handbook

Creating a New Group

To create a new accounting group:

  1. Log on to the Technical Resource Account Control page (UT EID logon required).

  2. Select New Group.

  3. Fill out the REQUIRED fields in the Group Details page for the new group you are creating:

    • If you do not know your Department ID, you can select the Department ID field label to search for it.

    • You should create a Group Title that will help you identify your group.

    • The Sponsor of the group should be the account sponsor.

    • If you select the Set Super Users by Default option, group users will be able to control their self-authorized services. This allows the members of your group to charge this account for services.

    • If you have group co-sponsors, you can assign them one of three options:

      • Full permissions to edit a group,

      • View permissions to look at but not change the group's details,

      • Technical Support Contact (TSC) permission to change the services users currently have but not add any additional services.

  4. Fill out the OPTIONAL fields in the Group Details page:

    • Your group will expire on the date you list in the Expiration Date field. If you do not want your group to expire, you can leave the Expiration Date field blank.

    • If you do not have a Default Financial Account, you can leave this field blank and go to the Office of Accounting's page on Account Creation and Control for information about getting an account.

    Note: We do not check for authorizations when someone charges an account number. When an account is charged, an email is automatically sent to several people. If the account has been charged in error, these individuals have five business days to contest the charges.

  5. Click the Create Group button when you have finished filling out all the fields needed to create a new group.

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