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Digital Certificates

Managing Certificates

  • It is important for you to back up your certificates for a number of reasons. Backing up allows you to:

    • Move your certificates to another computer, such as a laptop or home computer

    • Restore your certificates to your computer if it needs to be rebuilt

    Caution: You are responsible for backing up your own certificates. Treat your backups as sensitive data, particularly your signing certificate. Your desktop support person can help you create backups, but should not keep the backups for you. Refer to procedures for Windows and procedures for Mac OS X.

  • If you lose your computer, if you think that the media for your certificate backup has been accessed, or if you have any other reason to think that someone has access to your private keys, you should revoke your certificates. This can be done through the Certificates site.

  • Certificates are issued for five (5) years. You can log into the Certificates site and see when your certificate is due to expire.

  • Please do not delete expired certificates from the certificate store after new certificates are reauthorized. If expired certificates are deleted, you can no longer decrypt messages and files encrypted with the old certificate.

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