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Enterprise Whole Disk Encryption

SecureDoc Management Console (Austin Domain)

The SecureDoc Management Console can only be used on a Windows computer that is joined to the Austin Active Directory.

Installing the Console

  1. Download the SecureDoc v5.2 Console.setup.exe file from Austin Disk.
  2. Run the downloaded installer.

  3. Accept the license agreement.

  4. Enter your customer information.

  5. Choose the custom setup type.

  6. Select SecureDoc Connex and choose This feature will not be available.

  7. Finish the installation.

Running the Console

Note: The console must be run with an account that has local administrative privileges. This should be the same account provided to the SecureDoc administrators when access to the service was setup for your department.

  1. Select SecureDoc Enterprise Server from the Start menu.
  2. Locate your key file that you received from the SecureDoc administrator. The key file is attached to the SecureDoc email notification you received.
  3. Download the key file to your computer.

  4. Enter the password that you received from the SecureDoc administrator and click the Login Key File button.

  5. A notification will appear indicating that the initial key file password must be changed. Follow the prompts to change the key file password.

  6. Click the Create new connection button.

  7. Enter the following information:

    • Server Name: SAGL4
    • Database Name: "ITS-SECUREDOC"
    • Check the box to use Windows authentication, and verify the user name is the department administrator account provided to the SeucreDoc admins (the same as your key file name).

  8. Click Finish.

At this point, the console will open. If the console does not open and/or there is an error message displayed about connecting to the database, exit the program. Double-check all settings and try connecting a second time.

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