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Enterprise Whole Disk Encryption

Operating System Upgrades and Re-installation

Warning: Upgrading an operating system (OS) on an encrypted computer can be destructive! DO NOT attempt any upgrade without first reading the information below or consulting with your department technical support contact (TSC).

Macintosh OS Upgrade

  • Major upgrade — a point difference between versions, e.g., 10.6 to 10.7

    • This type of point upgrade is supported ONLY when the client is decrypted and SecureDoc is completely uninstalled.

    • Contact your department TSC for assistance or see Uninstall SecureDoc - Macintosh for details.

  • Minor upgrade — a point difference within the same major point version, e.g., 10.7 to 10.7.x

    • Generally these types of upgrades are compatible with and supported by SecuredDoc WITHOUT decrypting or uninstalling, but this is not absolute.

    • If there is any doubt, DO NOT upgrade the system and contact your TSC.

Windows OS Upgrade

  • Between versions (e.g., from Vista to Windows 7)

    • In ALL cases, PCs must be decrypted and SecureDoc completely uninstalled before an in-place upgrade can succeed.

Operating System Re-installation

  • Software encryption

    • Remove all existing drive partitions and proceed with re-installation of the operating system.
  • Hardware encryption

    • STOP. Before attempting to re-install Windows, the self-encrypting drive must be permanently unlocked/un-managed. Forgetting to do so may result in destruction of data.

    • Use the Self-encrypting Drive Recovery - PC or Self-encrypting Drive Recovery - Mac instructions to remove the Hardware Full Disk Encryption (HFDE) card from the drive.

    • Verify the disk is in an unmanaged/factory state (0x0) before re-installing the operating system, or an unusable drive may result.

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