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As part of the Web Central Services Retirement project, the ITS website will be retired. Information about IT services will be replaced by two new sites, IT@UT and UT ServiceNow, and ITS departmental information will be migrated to a new location. All changes will be completed by 7/28/2016.


Creating an Account

A current department contact may create a new mainframe account from the UN screen in DPUSER. To do so:

  1. Access the DPUSER application.

  2. Enter the UN command.

  3. Enter the new userID UserID/Dept field, and hit Enter.

    • The userID should be in the format DDUUU, where DD is the two-letter department code and UUU are up to three characters (e.g. initials) representing the user.
  4. Tab down to the UT EID field and enter the user's UT EID.

  5. The ID Type field should be N (Normal) unless the user is not a UT employee, in which case you will need to request a Special Status account.

  6. The Login ID Activation Hours should be restricted to the hours needed (generally business hours). Hours listed as 00:00 to 00:00 prevent the user from logging in during that time period.

  7. Select a COM-PLETE to add the user to.

  8. Enter a random Password.

  9. Add comments if your user is a mainframe programmer and thus needs access to multiple COM-PLETEs or needs access to DEVELOP or RACF.


  • The Password field on the UN screen is a required field, but is never used by the user.

  • Any mainframe user is eligible to be added to the Students or Fiscal COM-PLETE. DEVELOP and RACF access is limited to Mainframe programmers.

  • Users are limited to a single COM-PLETE unless they are mainframe programmers who need access to multiple COM-PLETEs for work-related purposes.

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