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Printing From the Mainframe

There are a number of ways that you can receive data from the mainframe.

Using Green Output

To conserve paper resources, ITS strongly recommends using Green Output to print mainframe reports. Green Output allows printing to be routed to an Austin Disk account and viewed online.

This delivery method has a number of advantages:

  • Timeliness - Delivery of reports to your account usually occurs a few seconds after the report finishes processing on the mainframe.

  • Electronic Format - Reports are delivered in text or PDF format which allows you to copy and paste the information into other documents.

  • Security - Delivery to Austin Disk is secure with proper setup.

  • Tracking - You receive daily email notification of all the reports that have been completed for you.

To find out more, refer to the Green Output pages.

Paper Printing Options

Terminal ID (TID) Printing:
If you have a network printer in your office that is configured as a TID (Terminal ID) printer, you can send your mainframe output to that printer. If you would like to have ITS help you configure your network printer please submit a help request through the Online Help Request Form with the following information:

  • Make and Model of printer
  • IP Address associated with the printer
  • Physical location of printer (bldg. prefix and room #)

For more information, contact the ITS Help and Service Desk.

You can also send paper output to University Services' UT Copy Centers. They are responsible for printing all mainframe computer output, including financial reports, quarterly electronic office documents, etc. All mainframe computer output can be picked up at the main UT Copy Center location in the Social Work building (SSW G-14.) If you have questions or concerns, please contact the main copy center in the Social Work building at 471-1615.

Alternative output methods

To minimize printing of mainframe reports, you might want to consider these alternatives as well:

  • Sending an email with the output/results embedded in the body of the message. (Remember that Confidential data should not be sent over unencrypted channels or to people who are not authorized to view it.)

  • Review the results online and eliminate the need and expectation for a hardcopy version of the report.

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