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Managing Unwanted Email

Creating Filters and Rules

Filtering for spam can be a challenge since spam messages usually come from many different senders, including senders who use fake email addresses or send from multiple addresses. This means that you must frequently update your rules and filters.

Here are several strategies that can increase the effectiveness of your filters:

  • Filter for offensive words that might appear in a spam message, but not in a message you would want to keep.

  • Filter for URLs that appear in spam.

  • Use the email address from the full header view to create a filter or rule.

To make sure you are not losing essential mail, it is a good idea to filter suspect messages into a specific folder (such as junk mail) so you can check it periodically. If you do filter messages into a specific folder, be sure to empty it frequently. Mailbox space is limited and exceeding your limit can cause new incoming mail to bounce.

Procedures for creating filters and rules are available for the following email applications:

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