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Austin Exchange Messaging Service

Android: Setting Up Austin Exchange Messaging Service

The HTC Sense Platforms and CyanogenMod have the app Work Email installed. Use this to connect to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. If you do not have Work Email, you will need to find another ActiveSync capable application.

Setting Up AEMS on an Android Device

  1. Make sure your phone's Internet connection is turned on and working properly. This process will involve downloading your Inbox to your device.

  2. Launch Work Email. If you do not have a Work Email option, go to Menu and Accounts and sync.

  3. Select Add account.

  4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

  5. Select Manual Setup.

  6. Enter "Austin\yourEID" in the Domain\Username section.

    Note: In some Android devices, there may be separate fields for Domain and Username. If that is the case, enter "Austin" for Domain and your UT EID for Username.

  7. Enter your EID Password in the Password field.

  8. Enter "" as the server address.

  9. Select On/Enabled in the Use secure connection (SSL) section.

  10. Enter your EID as the user name and EID password as the password. (You may be prompted in older versions of Android to enter this information at this point.)

  11. Select Finish Setup, wait for it to test your connection, then select Save.

  12. If connection is successful, you can update Account Options such as E-mail Update Frequency, Calendar Syncing, etc. Select Next.

  13. Name your new email account.

    Note: This step will hang. If Work Email does not respond after some period of time, Press Home to return to the home screen, then go to Settings > Application Settings > Manage Applications > Work Email > Force Stop. You can also use a Task Manager or Task Killer application (if installed) to do this. Relaunch Work Email.

Erasing AEMS Information on an Android Device

To erase AEMS settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Application Settings > Manage Applications > Work Email, and tap Clear data.

  2. Select OK to confirm.

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