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Apple Mail - Rollback Checklist

Removing Large Items Before Email Rollback

A Smart Mailbox displays messages that are stored in other mailboxes, based on the criteria you define. A Smart Mailbox is a virtual location, that is, messages displayed there are not actually moved from their current location.

  1. From the Mailbox menu, select New Smart Mailbox.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, name it "All Mail."
  3. Click Any Recipient, then select Date Received from the list that appears.
  4. Click is today, then select is before the date from the list that appears.
  5. Click on each part of the date, then use the arrows or type to enter today's date.
  6. Click to put a check next to Include messages from Sent.
  7. Click OK. You'll see a new folder called All Mail listed under Smart Mailboxes. Depending on the total number of messages you have, it may take a while (up to a few minutes) before it is fully populated.
  8. Make sure the All Mail folder is selected.
  9. From the View menu, select Columns, then make sure there are checks next to Size and Mailbox.
  10. Click Size (the column heading in the display of messages) to sort the mailbox by message size.
  11. Scroll to the end with the largest messages.

Deleted Items Warning

Large Deleted Items Folders
Deleted Items folders that are large in size can slow down your migration process. We will migrate your Deleted Items folder, but if these are messages you do not need, emptying the Deleted Items folder will speed up your migration process.

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