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Android Configuration after Rollback

These instructions are for configuring an Android device for the Austin Exchange Messaging Service using an ActiveSync connection. This will allow you to access your AEMS email, as well as synchronize your Android device contacts and calendar with your AEMS contacts and calendar.

Note: After the rollback is complete, your device will no longer receive updates for your mail, calendars or contacts. You must delete the old mail profile and reconfigure the device to access your mail.

Note: These instructions were written for Android OS v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). The exact wording of selections may vary between individual devices.

Removing the Pre-Rollback Account

  1. In the System Settings, scroll down to Accounts and select the entry for Exchange. It may be listed as Work or Corporate.
  2. Select your former Office 365 account, then select Remove account at the bottom of the menu. Tap OK to confirm.

Adding Mail Account

  1. In System Settings, under Accounts, select +Add Account.
  2. Select the option for Exchange. It may be listed as Work or Corporate.
  3. Configure your Exchange account in the provided fields.
    • Email Address: Your email address (e.g., "")
    • Password: Your UT EID password
  4. Select Next. Your Android will attempt to connect to the Austin Exchange server, automatically filling in the following information on the next screen:
    • Domain\username: Your email address or austin\your email address.
    • Password: Your EID password
    • Exchange server:
  5. Tap Next and choose which items you would like to synchronize, then select Done.
  6. Finally, you may be prompted to choose a name for the account you have just added.

Once your Android has synchronized with your Austin Exchange account, you can configure additional options in that account’s settings.

Note: SSL is the default connection option and should not be changed.

Last updated December 9, 2013 @ 3:45 pm

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