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Austin Exchange Messaging Service

Viewing and Modifying Mailbox Account Settings

You can modify the following settings for your Austin Exchange Messaging Service (AEMS) account.

  1. Log in to ITS Computer Account Services.

  2. Click the Austin Exchange Mailbox View/Modify button. A new window opens with the following information:

    • Display name — This is the name that appears in the From: field of emails you send. AEMS users typically list surname first.

    • Primary and secondary email addresses — The primary mail address is the one you should use for setting up your email clients, and it is the return address that will be stamped on outgoing mail. You can also receive mail sent to up to four additional secondary addresses.

      Note: Always use your address to automatically configure your AEMS account in any email client. Email accounts on a hosted domain, such as or, will still appear as the sender address.

    • Mail forwarding — You can set your AEMS mailbox to automatically forward email messages to another email address.

    • Mailbox quota — The storage quota for all AEMS accounts is 2 GB (2048 MB) and is provided at no cost. If you require additional storage, you may also request changes to an existing AEMS mailbox quota. The maximum mailbox disk quota through this self-service page is 5 GB. Additional storage costs $1.50 for each 1 GB increment per year. For example, a 4 GB mailbox costs $3.00 per year, and a 5 GB mailbox costs $4.50 per year. The additional storage costs will be billed to the default account number associated with the AEMS account. To complete your request for a larger quota, please also include the justification of business needs for additional mailbox storage. This information will help UT identify resource usages and plan for future capacity.

  3. Follow the prompts to change any of your settings in ITS Computer Account Services.

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