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Microsoft Academic Select 6.0 Program

Purchasing: The Select Product Listing is Confusing. How Do I Know Which Product I Want to Purchase?

Yes, the Select product list can be confusing. Dell is working to make the entire process easier, but in the meantime, the Select product listing requires a little "decoding". Below is a sample of the Select product catalog with some helpful descriptions and explanations.

Product listings on the Dell Premier Software and Peripherals catalog

Getting Started Doc Kit for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition Doc Kit, Book, For Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

MS Select Dell Part #: A0100803 | Manufacturer Part #: P73-0000

Product listings on Dell's Select pricing spreadsheet
SKU Product Type Mfg. Part# Points Price
A0100803 Windows Svr Std 2003 English DocKit Getting Started Media P73-00007 0 23.53
A0101534 Windows Svr Std 2003 English/MultiLang Disk Kit MVL CD Media P73-00155 0 23.53
A0103082 Windows Svr Std 2003 English/MultiLang MVL Standard License P73-00159 15 89.97
A0101922 Windows Svr Std All Languages Lic/SA Pack MVL 3 Years Lic. & SW Assurance P73-00203 38 133.17
A0101688 Windows Svr Std English/MultiLang Lic/SA Pack MVL 3 Years Lic. & SW Assurance P73-00204 38 157.36

SKU The product number (stock-keeping unit) that uniquely identifies the line item in the product list. This is the number that should be referenced on Purchase Orders and Invoices.

Product The text description of the product. This may contain some odd abbreviations that you may not be familiar with. Some of these are explained below:

Abbreviation Description
Svr Server - Refers to the product edition (e.g. Windows Professional vs. Windows Server)
Std, Ent , Pro Standard, *Enterprise, Professional, etc. *- Refers to the type of product edition (e.g. Windows Server Standard Edition, Windows Server Enterprise Edition, etc.)
DocKit Documentation Kit - Media (CD or DVD) that contains product documentation only.
Disk Kit Disk Kit - Media (CD or DVD) that contains product installation software.
MVL Microsoft Volume Licensing - Licensing for this product is handled through a volume licensing program.
English/MultiLang English with Multiple Language extensions - The product's "native" language is English, but a variety of other language features can be added.
All Languages

Native support for all available languages - The product is available in various "native" languages. Supported languages depends on those that were made available for that specific product, and the availability of media.

Type The type of product. This information is usually contained within the Product field.

  • Media - Product is physical media (e.g. CD or DVD) for installation of a software product. You must be licensed to use the software product contained on the media, and often need a product key to install the software.

  • Standard License - A license that grants you the license to use the software product at the current version. There is no physical item that ships for license purchases.

  • Lic. & SW Assurance - A license that grants you the license to use the software product PLUS upgrades to new versions for three years (Software Assurance). At the end of the third year, the license becomes a permanent license for the version at that time. There is no physical item that ships for license purchases.

  • Mfg. Part # - Microsoft's part number for the item.

  • Points - The Select program requires that we meet a certain number of points each contract year. Individual purchasers, departments, and institutions are not responsible for meeting any specific point count.

  • Price - The price of the product at the time the product list was generated. Prices ARE subject to change. To guarantee a price, please contact your Dell representative to obtain a price quote. Software Assurance is priced and prorated by year only.

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