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Microsoft Campus Agreement

Rules: If I owned an illegal copy of the software prior to the signing of the contract, is my software now considered a legal copy?

If an individual installed Microsoft software without being licensed before the MSCA agreement took place, then that software is considered an illegal copy (anticipating a pending agreement is not an exception).

Note: There is a difference between a commercial copy of the Microsoft Software and the Microsoft Select Software.

  • Students - Students are required to purchase their own copy of the Microsoft Student media. In order to be legally licensed for the products available in the MSCA, they must sign the EULA (End User License Agreement) where the products are being sold. If they have borrowed the media from a friend, they are not considered to be licensed.

  • Faculty/Staff - On UT-owned machines, faculty and staff can use media which was purchased by their department through UT's Microsoft Select re-seller, Dell Computer Corp., or they can purchase their own copy of the media through the Computer Store (or any other comparable established distribution point) on their campus.

    • If Microsoft Select media (purchased by the department through Dell Computer Corp.) was used for installation, it is now legally licensed under the MSCA.

    • If Microsoft Select media was not used, the software is considered illegal and unlicensed. To correct this, Microsoft Select media (purchased through the proper channels) must be used to re-install the software.

    • For personally owned machines, faculty and staff may purchase up to one media copy of Student Media or may receive their software update via the network if locally performed (on campus) by an administrator using select media.

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