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Purchasing Fully Managed MySQL Service with ITS Support

In the Fully Managed infrastructure, ITS owns, manages, and supports the hardware and software resources for this MySQL environment. The Fully Managed environment hosts databases for customers throughout the university. Customers pay a fee to ITS for access to the central MySQL database servers and may use them as the database backend for applications.

The MySQL database servers may also be used for custom applications designed and built by the customer. The central MySQL database servers are shared to minimize cost and ensure efficient use of the service resources.


  • 1 gigabyte of storage space on the central MySQL database servers

  • Daily backups

  • Access to phpMyAdmin and the MySQL command line client for database management and administration

  • Ability to safely store Category-I data in databases

  • Access to the ITS Systems MySQL team for advice and troubleshooting

  • Access to commercial MySQL support via the ITS Systems MySQL team


The Fully Managed MySQL database service is available at no cost for up to six named databases. Additional named databases can be purchased in quantities of six for an additional $150 per year. Additional storage space is $7 per gigabyte per year.


The Fully Managed MySQL database service must be ordered through the MySQL Database Service order form.

Who should choose this?

This service is suitable for departments, colleges, or other groups that require MySQL service but who do not have the appropriate hardware, software, or staff resources to run it themselves.


This service requires that you have a Web Publishing - Unix account or that you use Custom Web Publishing to publish websites.

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