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Public Internet Access

Requesting Additional Wireless Bandwidth for Projects

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers Project Bandwidth for departments seeking additional Public Network bandwidth allocation for users.

Project Bandwidth is a departmentally funded option that provides supplemental bandwidth to users who regularly exceed their weekly bandwidth allocation for purposes related to the university mission.


Bandwidth can be supplemented with a one-time purchase of additional bandwidth or by a weekly plan. Departmental Technical Support Contacts (TSCs) must approve and request the project. To find the designated TSC for your department, please contact your department’s IT staff, or you may contact the ITS Help and Service Desk.

The following options are available for Project Bandwidth:

Type Bandwidth Price
One-Time Purchase 10 GB $5
Tier I 10 GB/week $3/semester
Tier II 50 GB/week $5/semester
Tier III 200 GB/week $6/semester
Tier IV 500 GB/week $8/semester

To order, fill out the PNA Project Bandwidth Request Form.

Please note that charges are processed monthly by the university accounting system, so you may not see the charge right away.


The EID holder's bandwidth allocation will be increased by the requested amount. Please note that the Public Network system cannot determine, restrict, or refund the use of bandwidth once it is added to a user's allocation. It is up to individual users to use the bandwidth appropriately.

Fee Exemptions

Exemptions from bandwidth fees may be granted in limited cases. If you are requesting an exemption, please enter "EXEMPTION" in the account number field, and include a justification for the request in the field provided. Exemption requests may take up to five business days to process. Requests will be evaluated by the Director of ITS Networking.

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