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Teleconferences (Legacy)

Scheduling an Operator-Assisted Teleconference

Beginning April 15, 2014, Operator-Assisted Teleconferences will no longer be available.

With operator-assisted teleconferences, University Operators establish each connection at the time of the teleconference. Long distance charges are billed to a university long-distance authorization code.

At the time of the conference, a University Operator will establish a connection to each participant. At least one of the participants must be connected from a campus phone line in order for the conference to stay active after the operator releases it. If a caller leaves the conference, he or she will not be able to rejoin.

Note: Caveat for departments that operate their own telephone switches: At least one phone line used in the teleconference must be on the main UT telephone switch. If you are not sure which switch your phone is on, please call 471-7800.

Ordering the teleconference

Call the University Operator (on campus, dial 0; off campus, 512-232-CONF (2663)). You will be asked for the:

  • date, time, and length of the conference;

  • the names and numbers of conferees and originator; and

  • the long-distance authorization code to be used. Please schedule at least a day in advance if possible.

Note: Operator-assisted teleconferences can only be scheduled for times when the operators are on duty. See University Operators for hours.

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