The University of Texas at Austin

Telephone Service (Retirement in Progress)

Making Calls: University Calls

Campus phone number ranges:

  • 471-XXXX

  • 475-6000 to 475-9799

  • 495-2000 to 495-5999

  • 232-XXXX

  • 305-0000 to 305-0999

What You Do What You Hear
1) Lift the handset from the cradle. Dial Tone
2) Dial the last five digits of the number. Ringing

Note: These last five digits are referred to as the "station number" in the instructions which follow.

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We Can Help

Get help from an expert:

* UT Service Desk

* Call us at 512-475-9400

* Submit a help request online

We also have a walk-in service in the first floor lobby of the Flawn Academic Center (FAC). Stop by and let us help you!