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Telephone Service (Retirement in Progress)

Custom Calling Features (CCF): Call Transfer

CALL TRANSFER allows you to transfer incoming calls to another station or to the university operator.

What You Do What You Hear
You are on an established call:
1) Tell the caller you are going to transfer them.
2) Hookflash. Stutter Dial Tone
3) Dial the new station number (last 5 digits). Ringing
3) Dial "0" to transfer to the university operator. Ringing
4) Replace the handset in the cradle (see Notes).


  • At step 4, once you hear the ringback tone and replace the handset in the cradle, the caller being transferred hears the ringing of the phone to which you have just transferred. The caller does not hear anything until you replace your handset in the cradle. If you hookflash, instead of hanging up, you will establish a three-way conference. (See CONFERENCE, THREE-WAY.)

  • If you wish to announce the call, stay on the line until the third party answers, state your message, then hang up. After a one and a half second pause, the two other parties will automatically be connected and can converse. The person on the receiving end of a transferred call should note that there is a pause of about one and a half seconds before he can be heard by the caller.

  • If you stay on the line while transferring a call to a station that does not answer, hookflash twice to disconnect from the ringing phone and return to the original party. (If you hookflash once, you will establish a three-way conference with the original party and the ringing telephone.)

  • Similarly, if you transfer to a station that is busy, hookflash twice to drop off the busy signal and return to the original party.

  • CALL PICKUP can be used to answer the transferred call whether the transferring party remains on the line or not.

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