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Telephone Service (Retirement in Progress)

Custom Calling Features (CCF): Call Waiting / Disable Call Waiting

CALL WAITING informs you, while you are on a call, that a second call is waiting. The second calling party hears ringing while you receive a CALL WAITING tone. You can place the established call on hold, alternate between the two callers, or abandon one of the calls. CWT allows call waiting from off-campus calls only. To receive a call waiting tone from on-campus calls, you must also have the CWI option. You cannot have CWI without CWT.

To Respond to a Call Waiting Tone
What You Do What You Hear
Upon hearing a call waiting tone, you can abandon the first call by replacing the handset in the cradle. Ringing (the second caller)
1) Inform the party with whom you are talking that you are going to place the call on hold.
2) Hookflash. You are now connected to the second call.
3) Hookflash again to return to the first call. This places the second party on hold (see note 1). You are now reconnected to the first call.


  • You can toggle back and forth between the two calls by doing a hookflash as often as you wish, as long as neither party hangs up.

  • The CALL WAITING tone will only occur twice (signifying two rings of your phone as heard by the caller). Although the caller continues to hear ringing, if you do not respond to the tone fairly quickly, the caller may assume you are not available.

  • Similarly, when you are involved in two simultaneous conversations from CALL WAITING, you can neither transfer one of the calls, nor activate any other feature.

  • If CALL FORWARD NO ANSWER is on a line with CALL WAITING, a second call will activate the Call Waiting tone but will forward after the designated number of rings.

  • CANCEL CALL WAITING allows you to cancel the call waiting feature for the duration of a call. The CALL WAITING feature returns once the call is terminated. All lines that have CALL WAITING automatically have CANCEL CALL WAITING.

To Disable Call Waiting on a Per-Call Basis
What You Do What You Hear
1) Lift handset from the cradle. Dial Tone
2) Dial "*70". Stutter Dial Tone
3) Dial Phone Number
If you are already on a call:
1) Hookflash Stutter Dial Tone
2) Dial "*70". Automatically return to original conversation.

Note: If you are on a call with CANCEL CALL WAITING activated and you have CALL FORWARD BUSY on your line, the next incoming call will forward to the designated number.

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