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Telephone Service (Retirement in Progress)

Deskset Information: Meridian MBS II Digital

For ordering information, please see Ordering: Telephone Desksets.


Meridian MBS II Series digital telephone deskset prices
Item No. Model/Description Installation1 Lease2 Purchase Maintenance
M5316, Black
M5316 picture
$90.00 $9.95 $308.00 $3.50
M522 Add-On, Black
M522 Add-On Picture
$90.00 $6.20 $125.00 $1.25

1 Must be installed by ITS staff.

2 Includes Maintenance fee.

Note: Leased phones are automatically covered by a maintenance agreement allowing faulty sets to be repaired or replaced at no charge to the department. Purchased phones require a small monthly charge for maintenance.

Feature comparison

Meridian MBS II Series digital telephone deskset feature comparison
Features M5316 M522 Add-on
MADN Capable yes yes
Multi-Line Compatible yes yes
Single Button Access yes yes
Programmable Feature/DN keys 13 22
Desk or Wall Mountable yes no
Feature/Line Indicator yes no
Hold & Release Key yes no
Last Number Redial yes no
On-Hook Dialing yes no
Visual Message Waiting Indicator yes no
Volume Control for Speaker & Ringer yes no
Power AC no
CMS/CLASS Name & Number Capable yes no
Inspect Key yes no
Liquid Crystal Display (2 X 24) yes no
Power Key Feature yes no
Visual Ringing Indicator yes no
Call Timer yes no
M522 Meridian Mate Compatible yes no
Mute yes no
Program Key yes no
Time/Date Display yes no
Volume Control for Handset yes no
Headset Capable yes no
Handsfree (Speaker Phone) yes no

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