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Web Analytics: Urchin

How Long Urchin Maintains Report Data

The aggregate Urchin reports that users see and generate are based on data created from Web log files sent to the Urchin server daily. Each new Web log file is parsed to generate report data files. Log files are stored for up to a week before they are deleted.

The report data files generated from the logs are maintained for a minimum of two years. Periodically, the Urchin administrators delete report data files older than two years depending on the amount of disk space available on the Urchin server, alerting Urchin users in advance of the deletions. Once the files are deleted, they are not recoverable.

If you need to save aggregate Urchin Reports for data that is older than two years, you can export your reports as Text, XML or Excel (CSV) files by using the icons at the top of the report.

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