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Digital Certificates

Importing your Digital Certificate

Now that you have successfully created your digital certificate and downloaded it from
Stache in the form of a P12 file, you will want to import it into your computer's respective certificate manager and configure your email client to use the certificate.

  1. Import the P12 file in to your applications, keychain, or certificate store. Import instructions are available for:

    Note: When importing the P12 file into your applications, keychain, or certificate store, use the password that Stache generated for the P12. This password can be found by logging into Stache, clicking the encryption and mail signing cert link, and using the password found in the Password field.

  2. After importing the P12 file into your system or application, we recommend deleting the P12 file. If you ever lose your certificates and need to recover them, they are always available in Stache.

  3. To ensure your email client is configured to make use of the digital certificate you just imported, refer to the following resources to configure your respective email client:

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