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Digital Certificates

Publication of Public Keys

When a faculty or staff member at UT Austin downloads a certificate from the ITS Digital Certificates service, the public key for that certificate is automatically published to the Austin Active Directory, making it available to the Global Address List (GAL) in supported Exchange applications. When you create email messages and want to use encryption, the client application automatically finds the available public keys for use in that message.

The University White Pages also receive the public keys for all certificates nightly. If a faculty or staff member has a certificate, the key is available in the directory record and can be downloaded. Many email programs can search the university directory. Instructions are available on the Help page.

While Exchange-based email programs in the Austin Active Directory are able to retrieve certificates from the Austin Active Directory, you cannot export certificates from the GAL using Outlook or Entourage. This means that you cannot export another user's public certificate in order to distribute it to external consumers. However, you can direct people to the University White Pages.

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