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Digital Certificates

Setting Up a Windows Mobile 6 Device to Use Certificates

  • Operating System: Windows Mobile 6

  • Program: Outlook E-mail

  1. On your primary computer, export the certificates from the Certificate Store. Remember the password you use to do the export. You will need it when you install the certificate on your Windows Mobile 6 device.

    Windows Certificate Store | Mac OS X Keychain

  2. To get the exported certificate files onto your device, you can either email them to yourself or synch the device with your computer and copy the files to the device.

  3. On the device, select the Start button, browse to Applications, and open the File Explorer. Browse to the location where the files are saved.

  4. Select the first certificate file. Enter the password you created when you exported them.

  5. You will receive a message that certificate installed successfully.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second certificate file.

  7. Open Outlook E-mail.

  8. Select Menu, then select Tools and then Options.

  9. Select Account Settings, then click Next until you get to Options.

  10. Select E-mail. Select Menu, then select Settings. Select Menu, then select Advanced.

  11. In the Advanced screen, select Menu, then select Choose Certificate.

  12. You should see your certificates listed by email address. Click Select.

  13. Check the Security options you want to use by default. ITS recommends selecting to Sign messages. We recommend that you do not select Encrypt messages by default. You can choose encryption for individual messages.

  14. Select Done and exit everything.

  15. To apply options on a message by message basis, when you create new message, Select Menu, then select Message Options. Under Security, you can select from the available options.

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