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Digital Certificates

Using Certificates in Web-Based E-Mail Programs

Most Web-based email programs — including UT's Webmail, Gmail and Yahoo! — do not provide support for using digital certificates because they do not include support for S/MIME, the standard for the certificates. You can use the certificates with your email account provided that you are using another email program. (Remember that your account and your email program, even Webmail, are two different things.)

For users of UT Webmail, you can read messages that have been digitally signed, but you cannot send signed email and you cannot encrypt messages.

You can use your certificates in Outlook Web App.

If you receive an email message from someone who included their digital signature, you may see the following informational message, or something similar:

This message has a digital signature, but it was not validated. Attachments will not be included on a reply or forward.

If you receive an email message from someone who encrypted it, you will not be able to read that message in your Web-based email program.

Last updated December 10, 2012 @ 3:01 pm

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