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Configure UTBackup - Mac

Attach your computer to a wired UT Campus Network before starting a first run backup and leave it attached until the backup process completes. Depending on the size of your backup set this may take several hours or longer.

Note: Select only the files you wish to be backed up. For Mac, files are most commonly located on your "Desktop" or in the "Documents" folder.

Step 1 - Launch UTBackup and Create your Account

  1. The First name and Last name fields can be left blank.
  2. Enter your UT EID in the Username field then enter your UT EID password in the last two fields.
  3. Click Create Account.

Step 2 - Selecting which files and folders to back up

  1. Open the UTBackup Crash Plan client and log in with your UT EID and password.
  2. Select the Backup tab.
  3. Navigate to the Files to Back Up section and click Change... to open the window for selecting files and folders.
  4. In the Change File Selection window the Mac's hard drive will be listed. Click the triangle to the left of the hard drive icon and expand the file structure.
  5. To back up your User Profile folder, click the triangle to the left of Users and expand the contents.
  6. Locate your User home folder — this folder may be named with your UT EID or by another name if you are logging in with a local account.
  7. Clicking the box to the left of your User folder will select the entire contents of that folder for backup.
  8. Clicking the arrow next to your User folder will expand the list of sub-folders which allows cafeteria style selection of which folders are to be backed up.
  9. For example, you may want to only back up your Documents folder. This is accomplished by specifically clicking the box to the left of the Documents folder.
  10. If you were to click the triangle to the left of Documents you would see that the entire contents of this folder is selected for back up.
  11. Certain files or folders from selected directories may also be excluded from the backup by clearing the check mark to the left of each of those folders.
  12. After file and folder selections are complete, click Save.
  13. The files and folders you chose to back up will show up listed under Files to Back Up.
  14. Click the Start Backup button to begin...

Please note that you may see an indication of time left for backup.

  • The back up will continue even if you close the application.
  • If your computer goes to sleep, the back up will continue when it wakes up.

Note: To maximize backup efficiency the initial seeding of a backup set should be allowed to complete while the computer is attached to a wired UT Campus Network.

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