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SmartVoice Voice Mail (Retirement in Progress)

Recording Voice Greetings

SmartVoice supports external greetings, which are played for all callers, and spoken name greetings, which are used for system identification. By default, SmartVoice plays your external greeting for all callers. You can record additional greetings and set them up to play depending on the calling number, day of the week, or other variables. Refer to Desktop access: Scheduling voice greetings.

Note: Internal greetings are not supported by the UT SmartVoice Voice Mail system.

Recording greetings

To record your spoken name:

  1. Log in to SmartVoice using a phone.

  2. Press 89 to access your spoken name.

  3. Press 5 to record, then say your name. Press # to stop recording.

  4. To enable your name, press 3.

To record a new voice greeting:

  1. Press 82 to access your greetings.

  2. Press 1 for your external greetings.

  3. Press 75 to begin recording.

  4. Press # to end recording.

  5. Press 2 if you wish to review your greeting.

  6. Press 3 if you are ready to enable the greeting.

To re-record a voice greeting:

  1. Press 1 for your external greetings.

  2. The telephone assistant will read you the name of your first enabled greeting. To play through multiple greetings, press 6 for the next greeting, or 4 for the previous greeting.

  3. Press 2 to review the greeting.

  4. To re-record the greeting, press 5, and follow the prompts.

  5. Press # to end the recording.

  6. Press 2 if you wish to review the recording.

  7. Press 3 to enable the greeting.

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