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Web Conferencing - Adobe Connect


Adobe Connect provides a number of accessibility features for individuals who have hearing, visual, or mobility impairments. However, the nature of a real-time Web conference provides some challenges for individuals with disabilities:

  • Individuals with hearing impairments may not be able to access spoken presentation content.

  • Individuals with visual impairments may not be able to see visual content, especially images.

  • Individuals who use keyboard shortcuts to navigate may not be able to access all content being presented with the Adobe Connect application.

To provide individuals with disabilities the best possible access to content, and to be compliant with the State of Texas accessibility requirements, ITS recommends that presenters take the following steps:

  • Inform all meeting attendees that accessibility accommodations can be arranged through the Services for Students with Disabilities office or through the The Office for Inclusion and Equity.

  • For all users, provide accessible digital copies of the notes, agenda, PowerPoint presentation, and other materials in advance of the Web conference, as well as the list of attendees.

  • For individuals with hearing impairments, provide captioning for spoken content.

  • For individuals with visual impairments, provide auditory or textual descriptions of images, graphs, charts, or other non-textual content.


The university provides accommodations for students with disabilities at the Services for Students with Disabilities office. Their services include providing a lab with assistive technology as well as providing accommodations and services. They may also be able to assist meeting presenters with developing accessible material.

The The Office for Inclusion and Equity at the university also provides accommodations for faculty and staff members with disabilities. The office can assist meeting presenters with providing alternative accommodations if needed.

In addition, Adobe provides the following information to help meeting presenters create accessible Web conferences. For more information please see Adobe's Accessibility features at

This document includes the following Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Shortcuts for attendee management

  • Shortcuts for navigating pods, menus, and windows

  • Shortcuts for audio and recordings

  • Shortcuts for Adobe Presenter content in the Share pod

  • Shortcuts for the whiteboard

  • Shortcuts for the Chat pod

  • Shortcuts for the Notes pod

  • Shortcuts for dialog boxes

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