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Changing Your UTS Disk Quota

For the following procedure, make sure you have logged in to an SSH Client and are at the Unix terminal. Instructions on how to log in to an SSH Client can be found at the Help page.

To submit a command line in Unix, press Enter.

  1. Enter the chquota command. Information concerning your current disk space usage for the UTS service will be displayed.

  2. At the New quota (? for help , q to quit)? prompt, enter the quota you want.

Rules for changing your disk quota

  • Quota increases must be specified in multiples of 10 Megabytes (MB).

  • The maximum for an individual quota increase is 500 MB.

  • Your new quota may not be lower than your current disk usage.

  • To increase your quota, prefix your quota change with "+".

  • To lower your quota, prefix your quota change with "-" .

  • Entering a quota without a "-" or "+" prefix will set the quota to the number specified.


  • 10MB will change the default 5 MB quota to 10 MB.

  • 10MB will change a 20 MB quota to 10 MB.

  • +15MB will increase the default 5 MB quota to 20 MB.

  • -10MB will lower a 30 MB quota to 20 MB.

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