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Publishing a Personal Website With WebSpace

WebSpace allows users to publish personal websites. Students can create personal sites or ePortfolios to showcase their coursework and projects. Faculty can publish material that complements courses they teach, publish their curriculum vitae, or list their publications.

WebSpace supports websites that use plain HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Dynamic sites, such as those that use PHP or Perl, are not supported.

Creating a Personal Website

Actually creating a personal website is beyond the scope of this document. However, there are many good online tutorials available that walk you through creating a website, including:

When creating your website, be sure to name your main (home) page "index.html," since this is the file that Web browsers look for by default in your www directory. Using "index.html" as your main page will allow visitors to view your site without having to guess what you might have named your home page.

Uploading Your Website

  1. Create a new folder and name it "www".

  2. Click your new www folder, select Manage, and then select Permissions.

  3. For the Public group, select the Viewer (Read-Only) radio button, and then click the Apply button.

    Warning: Only give Viewer (Read-Only) permissions to the Public group, or ANYONE will be able to modify or delete your files.

  4. Upload all of the files for your website into the www folder.

Your website address is:

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