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Connecting to WebSpace With WebDAV in Windows

WebSpace supports a connection protocol known as WebDAV, which allows you to access your WebSpace folder directly from your hard drive instead of going through a Web browser. Using WebDAV with Windows Vista requires mapping WebSpace as a network drive. On versions of Windows prior to Vista, WebDAV-enabled applications include Internet Explorer 5.0 (and higher) and Office 2000 (and higher). Microsoft calls its support of WebDAV "Web Folders."

Mapping WebSpace as a Network Drive (Vista)

  1. On your Vista desktop, select Start, and then select Computer.

  2. Select Map Network Drive.

  3. In the Folder field, enter your WebSpace address in the form "". Replace youruteid with your UT EID.

  4. Check the Reconnect at logon checkbox if you want your WebSpace drive to be available every time you log on to your computer.

  5. Select Finish.

  6. Enter your UT EID and password in the User name and Password fields, and then select OK.

  7. Select Finish.

Adding a Network Place (XP)

  1. From the Start menu, click My Computer, and under Other Places, select My Network Places.

  2. In the Network Tasks panel on the left, select Add a network place.

  3. Click Next, then Choose another network location, and Next.

  4. In the Internet or network address field, enter: ""

    Note: Replace youruteid with your UT EID.

  5. Click Next.

  6. When prompted, use your UT EID credentials for the user name and password and click OK.

  7. Type in a name for the network place such as "WebSpace," and click Next.

After you complete this procedure the first time, your WebSpace folder will be included as a Web Folder in My Network Places in Windows XP or as a connected drive in the Computer folder in Windows Vista.

When you are connected to the Internet, WebSpace behaves like any other folder, and you can copy, move, delete, and open files within that folder. You can also drag and drop files or cut and paste them directly into WebSpace through Windows Explorer.

Last updated June 8, 2012 @ 10:33 am

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