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Windows Vista

Windows Vista Security Features

For an expert security perspective on Windows Vista, refer to the ISO Consensus Paper: Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Enterprise edition was designed with a corporate environment in mind, and it includes a number of security features specifically for such an environment.

  • Defender - Windows Defender is a built-in, self-updating application that helps protect your computer against viruses, worms, and spyware. Defender is active by default.

  • Firewall - The Windows Vista firewall can monitor both incoming and outgoing traffic. The firewall is highly configurable and may need to be fine-tuned for your specific needs.

  • Bitlocker - Bitlocker allows you to encrypt your entire hard drive, preventing hackers from breaking Windows Vista file and system protections, even on lost or stolen computers. You may need to repartition your hard drive or update your hardware to use Bitlocker, and if you ever lose your encryption key, YOU may be locked out of your computer. Note: Encrypting your hard drive without proper key escrow could be a violation of state law, depending on the data effected.

  • Internet Explorer 7 - IE 7 boasts several new security features, including a built-in pop-up blocker and anti-phishing site protection. For more information, visit Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 Web site.

  • User Account Control - User account control allows non-administrative users to perform some administrative tasks, such as installing an application, depending on the security policy that is chosen. While this process limits the chances of a malware application being installed, both administrative and non-administrative users may frequently be prompted to confirm system preference changes and software installation.

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