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Public Internet Access

Bandwidth Details

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Student Bandwidth Options

Students receive 1 GB (1,000 MB) per week. More bandwidth is available at subsidized rates starting at $4/semester.

Student Bandwidth Subscriptions

Student Bandwidth Subscriptions

Fall 2015 / Spring 2016
Tier Bandwidth/Week Price per Semester (Prorated)
No Plan 1 GB/week Free
Tier I 10 GB $3
Tier II 50 GB $4
Tier III 200 GB $6
Tier IV 500 GB $8

Note: Students living in the residence halls must upgrade their subscription plan at Resnet for more bandwidth.

Bandwidth Explained

Bandwidth, in the context of the Public Network, refers to the amount of data from off-campus that you download to or transmit from your computer during a one-week period. Bandwidth usage is reset once a week on your reset day, which is when you receive your weekly bandwidth allocation.

Certain users, including students, faculty, and staff, receive a default or “basic” allocation at no additional cost; see table, below.

Restrictions to external bandwidth consumption are in place to ensure that bandwidth is distributed fairly among users of the university network. Exceeding your external bandwidth allocation will cause you to be moved to the slower second-class network for up to one week, until your reset day.

However, there are no bandwidth restrictions for on-campus usage. For example, you can download/upload as much information as you need to/from internal University websites (ie, UT Direct). Additionally, students may use the public computer workstations in the General Libraries. These workstations have no bandwidth limits and require no purchase or subscription to use.

Users are given a default bandwidth allocation based on their affiliation with the university:

Student/Faculty/staff/other allocations
Role Allocation
Student 1 GB/week
Faculty1 2 TB/week
Major Graduate Fellows2 500 GB/week
Full-Time Staff3, Official Visitors & Affiliated Workers 500 GB/week
Teaching Assistants 500 GB/week (beginning Jan. 12, 2015)
Part-Time Staff 10 GB/week

For information about the rationale behind bandwidth allocations, notes about bandwidth usage and cost, and a historical overview of bandwidth policies at the University, see Bandwidth at the University of Texas at Austin.

Bandwidth Class Definitions

First-class network - When you are within your weekly bandwidth allocation, your off-campus Internet activity will use the first-class network, which is not limited and fast.

Second-class network - If you have exceeded your bandwidth allocation for the week, your off-campus Internet activity will use the second-class network. You will still have access to the Internet, but it will be limited and slower, capped at 250 Kbps.

Monitoring Bandwidth

You can monitor your external bandwidth usage by visiting the External Bandwidth Allocation Page (UT EID or Guest ID required). This page shows your current usage, your reset day, and your bandwidth notification options.

How much external bandwidth you have available depends on how much you have used during the current week. Once you have exceeded your external bandwidth allocation, you will be moved to the slower second-class network until your next reset day.

Purchasing Bandwidth

Students, staff, faculty, and official visitors may purchase additional bandwidth to supplement their default allocation. It is recommended that you look into the below options if you use the Internet on campus and exceed your weekly bandwidth limit often.

Bandwidth Subscriptions

You can choose from several tiers, each of which provides a different amount of additional bandwidth per week for a semester of academic year. Depending on the amount of data you use, you should choose a plan that will best suit your data use in a week.

Students not living in the residential dorms, staff, faculty, and official visitors may purchase and manage their subscription from the Bandwidth Subscription Website.

Note: Students living in the residence halls must subscribe to Resnet and are not eligible for the Bandwidth Subscription service. You receive a default Resnet Subscription plan, which is included in your room contract by the Division of Housing and Food Services, and follow a different set of standards.

Subscription prices purchased are prorated daily. If you cancel your service, you will be refunded the prorated amount for unused days. Subscriptions are NOT automatically renewed for the next semester or academic year. If you have additional questions, please contact the ITS Help and Service Desk or call 512-475-9400.

Departmentally-Funded Project Bandwidth

Departments may purchase supplemental bandwidth allocations for faculty and staff through the Project Bandwidth system. See your departmental technical support contact to initiate a request through the UTnet Utilities.

Emergency One-Time Bandwidth

This emergency bandwidth option is NOT cost-effective, and it should only be purchased when you no longer have the option to increase your subscription plan or tier. When you purchase this type of bandwidth, it is NOT renewed weekly, and there are no refunds. You may purchase this one-time bandwidth from the TXshop.

Emergency Bandwidth
10 GB$5

1 Faculty appointment information is provided nightly by the Office of the Provost. Tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible all year unless they are separated. Tenured and tenure-track new hires for the coming academic year are eligible in the summer if they are on record. Non-tenured and retired faculty are eligible only while they have an active appointment.

2 In order to be eligible for the Graduate Fellow allocation, a student must be receiving a fellowship of $12,000 or more, managed by the Graduate School Office Recipients of the following fellowships receiving $12,000 or more are eligible: Harrington Fellowships, Recruitment Fellowships, Diversity Recruitment, Diversity Mentoring Fellowships, National Science Foundation Fellowships, and Continuing Fellowships.

3 Staff appointment information is provided by HRMS. Staff members who earn UT Benefits are considered Full-Time; non-benefits earning staff are considered Part-Time staff.

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