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Public Internet Access

Wireless Access for Visitors and Sponsored Guests

Visitors to Campus

Visitors may connect to the AT&T Wi-Fi Network (attwifi). Connect your wireless device to the attwifi, open a web browser, and follow the instructions provided. Fees may apply.

All support for the attwifi network is provided by AT&T Wireless Services at 877-929-7678.

Sponsoring Visitors, Guests, and Affiliated Workers

Sponsoring Visitors on AT&T Wi-Fi

Visitors to campus who do not have active faculty, student, or staff affiliations with the university may be sponsored for attwifi network access by the department associated with their visit. Visitors should contact the sponsoring department for information.

Departments wishing to sponsor visitors (e.g., conference attendees, guest lecturers, and others) may purchase coupons from the Campus Computer Store using a ProCard or purchase order. Printed coupons are valid for one 24-hour period and may be used on up to three devices, and remain valid for a year if not activated.

Unique codes are created for large conferences ( of less than 1 week duration). To obtain a quote, departments must provide the Campus Computer Store with the number of devices they wish to connect and the dates of the conference. Pricing is available only through the Campus Computer Store.

Coupons and codes may not be used by UT Austin faculty, students, or staff.

Sponsoring Guests on utexas

In limited circumstances a guest may be sponsored by a department and issued a Guest ID to use on the university's network, utexas. The sponsoring department incurs additional liability by sponsoring a guest on the university's network so these instances are rare.

Departments should consult with their Technical Support Contact (TSC) to seek sponsorship assistance.

Affiliated Worker Accounts

Longer term visitors who require regular access to the network (e.g., visiting researchers on campus for a semester, or long term contractors) will need an Affiliated Worker account to access the university's network.

Visitors in this role will need to create a UT EID if they do not already have one. Once the EID has been created administrative staff from the department with which they are working will need to assign the correct affiliations and entitlements in the EID system.

For more information on affiliate workers please see the Introduction to University Affiliate Positions page; see the Public Network Assess notes in the Privileges section for details.


The University of Texas at Austin does not support eduroam due to security, technical and policy issues:

  • Creates security vulnerabilities (exposes UT EID credentials to attack)
  • Congests crowded wireless system (requires new SSID “eduroam”)
  • Does not identify the end user and the University considers it could be liable for their actions
  • Does not allow the University to charge for bandwidth past a default allocation while this is the policy

The university will monitor eduroam to see if these concerns are addressed.

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