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Project: IAM Cloud Integration Guidelines & Standards

IAM Cloud Integration Guidelines & Standards Project

12/20/2013 - The team completed the development of guidelines and standards to help address the growing number of cloud-based services in use by campus departments and the identity management challenges faced as those services have been implemented. The IAM Cloud Integration Guidelines and Standards are published under the CIO policies.

The growing number of “cloud-based” services in use by campus departments and the identity management challenges faced as those services have been implemented has highlighted the need for an easy-to-use set of guidelines to help departments understand how best to plan for and address IAM functions when implementing cloud services.

This project will develop guidelines and standards to aid campus departments in planning and executing cloud service implementations.

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to develop a set of guidelines and standards for integrating cloud services with the campus IAM environment and communicate them to campus. These guidelines and standards will address:

  • The IAM functional areas (e.g., authentication, authorization, provisioning) that departments need to consider when selecting and implementing cloud services.
  • The tools, techniques, standards, and best practices available to address specific IAM functional integration points.


The project scope includes:

  • Identifying the topics that need to be addressed in the IAM cloud integration guidelines and standards.
  • Researching peer institution and industry approaches to facilitating IAM-related cloud integration.
  • Drafting guidelines and standards documentation and vetting it with stakeholders.
  • Publishing the guidelines and standards and communicating it to campus via appropriate communication channels.

This project may identify and recommend tools, technologies, or other solutions that would facilitate IAM cloud integration but are not currently implemented (e.g., needs cloud services may have for enhanced network and IAM service resiliency). The scope of this project does not include the implementation of those tools, technologies, or solutions.

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