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Managed IT Support


Pricing for these options is based on a combination of average staff salaries, the skill level necessary to provide needed support, and the average amount of time spent supporting different types of equipment. All prices are for an annual contract; some options can be prorated for contracts that do not start at the beginning of a fiscal year and apply to managed systems (physical or virtual).

Pricing will be reviewed annually. For more detailed information on how prices are set, please see the ITS Rate Change Policies.

Computer Support

Service Cost / year
Standard computer
Complex computer

A computer is defined as complex if it meets two or more of the following criteria:

  1. The system is running server-like services (e.g., AFP, SSH, HTTP, MySQL);
  2. No remote management/access is available to the ITS support staff;
  3. Special effort is necessary to address regulatory requirements to assure data integrity and/or confidentiality;
  4. Complex third party applications are installed and used heavily (e.g., Autodesk Applications, Matlab, SPSS, SAS);
  5. Non-ITS support staff requires root access or administrator access;
  6. Windows operating system older than XP; MAC operating system older than 10.5;
  7. Hardware is 5 years or older;
  8. Non-standard hardware (custom built, falls outside of campus approved models, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple);
  9. System with Dual boot operating system.

A computer is defined as standard if it meets one or fewer of the above criteria.

Consultations and projects are priced at an hourly rate depending on the skill set needed.

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