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Managed Server Support

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about MSS support, we've collected a list of answers here.

How do I contact MSS support for assistance?

There are several ways existing customers can contact MSS support:

- When calling outside of regular business hours, a voicemail can be left or, where applicable, it is possible to follow phone prompts to be connected to an after-hours operator.
- Be sure to provide your name, department, that you are Managed Server Support customer and the server name, if you know it. This information will allow the operators to more quickly identify and look up the correct person to escalate the call to.

How do I view the status of my request?

Follow these instructions to view the status of your incident request.

  1. Using your EID credentials, log in to FootPrints at
  2. If you have any open incidents, you will find them listed on your Home page.
  3. You can view or update the incident as follows:
    • Viewing - To view details of the incident, click the incident summary.
    • Updating - To provide updates to an incident, click the [more] link and select Update or if you are already viewing the details of an incident, click the Edit button at the top of the page.
      • Under Notes, enter information in Append New Notes
      • Click Save.

What is the "on-boarding" process for new customers?

The on-boarding process for a new customer involves:

  1. An initial meeting (in-person is preferred) to discuss the customers business requirements, goals and expectations. In this meeting timelines, related ITS services and the MSS SLA will also be reviewed.
  2. Information from the initial meeting is then used to prepare and deliver a Ballpark Estimate via email. The Ballpark Estimate includes the scope of work, resources required and associated costs. MSS will generally include in the estimate the costs for associated ITS component resources such as UT-V and UTBackup, even though those costs will be billed by the service provider directly.
  3. Once the customer approves the Ballpark Estimate and provides an account number, in writing via email, resource provisioning or purchasing by MSS staff can begin.

What is the difference between "Operational" and "Hourly Support"?

See the pricing page for details.

When and how is invoicing and payment done?

  1. Operational
    • Estimates for the upcoming FY are sent in February to assist CSUs in preparing thier budgets.
    • If estimates require adjustments prior to the start of the FY, an updated estimate will be sent in late July or August.
    • Annual Renewals are usually billed in early September through the Central Business Office.
  2. Hourly.
    • Fixed-price/fixed-scope consultations and projects are billed when completed through the Central Business Office.
    • If work on a project will cross fiscal years, customers can request to to pay for work in the FY it is completed or carry hours over and pay in full in the next FY.

How are MSS rates set?

See the pricing page for details.

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