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Managed Server Support


The list below contains common technology options that can be deployed as part of the Managed Server Support (MSS) service. Custom solutions may also be supported at the Hourly rate.

Server Resources

  • Utilizing the ITS Virtual Servers fee for service offering is the preferred solution. Physical systems can also be purchased by the customer.
  • Both Virtual and Physical servers will be located on-premise, preferably in the (University Data Center (UDC)) and monitored 24\7.
  • Dell is the preferred physical server manufacturer. Standard physical servers configured for the UDC can be purchased in the UT Market.

Operating Systems

MSS support includes OS provisioning, patching, technical support and problem resolution. The most recent OS release is preferred; currently RHEL6 64bit for Linux and Windows Server 2012 R2 for Microsoft systems. Other OS solutions may also be supported at an additional Hourly rate.

Application Software

MSS support includes setting up applications to the point of functioning properly. MSS does not provide ongoing application support or development as part of our standard SLA. Below is a table of the more common technologies MSS supports. See the SLA page for additional details.

Databases - Utilizing one of the ITS common good database offerings is preferred. Local databases may also be supported at the Hourly rate.

Applications - For RedHat systems, utilizing the latest version of their delivered applications and modules is preferred.

Operating System Web Database Application
Windows Server IIS Microsoft SQL Server EMS
FileMaker Server
Openfire Jabber
Linux Server Apache MySQL Drupal
Ruby on Rails

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