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Successful Evolution to Shared Services

June 14, 2013

On Wednesday, June 12, 2013, Kevin Hegarty, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Mary Knight, Associate Vice President; and Brad Englert, Chief Financial Officer, reached out to the larger campus-wide IT community in an “FYI Session” providing updates on the Administrative Systems Master Plan (ASMP) and Shared Services initiatives.

Both ASMP and Shared Services have important roots in the story of IT@UT. Kevin briefly recapped the history behind these two important campus-wide initiatives:

  • The Administrative Systems Master Plan (ASMP) is a direct result of the Strategic IT Advisory Committee’s (SITAC) Final Report and Recommendations. President Powers charged SITAC with answering the question “What do we want to do with respect to our direction and investments in information technology?” SITAC recommended that campus create a master plan for administrative systems. The resulting ASMP Report, delivered in March 2012, addressed the need to replace our legacy administrative systems.
  • The Committee on Business Productivity’s final report, "Smarter Systems for a Greater UT", was delivered to President Powers in January 2013. The report includes a recommendation to implement a shared services model for delivering Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, Procurement, and Information Technology for UT Austin. Shared services will be supported with the new administrative systems. We are currently in the design phase of The Shared Services project is currently in the design phase.

Both the Shared Services and administrative systems replacement projects will be multi-year efforts. The goal is to help UT Austin improve administrative and IT service delivery at lower cost. With real and ongoing budgetary constraints, this just makes sense and is the right thing to do.

In the FYI Session, information on the Shared Services and Administrative Systems Replacement projects was presented. Objectives, benefits, task force and committee membership, as well as timelines, are available on the Transforming UT website.

Campus-wide participants watching the web cast or attending the event, showed genuine engagement and asked excellent questions. If you weren’t able to attend, you can watch the recorded FYI Session

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