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Upgrades to PNA Bandwidth

August 11, 2010

ITS is happy to announce upgrades to Public Network Access (PNA) bandwidth. PNA bandwidth refers to the amount of data that you download to or transmit from your computer when connected to the wired or wireless network on campus. As a result of these upgrades, many services have seen an increase in bandwidth while prices have remained the same or lower than before.

The following sections detail the new bandwidth rates effective August 5, 2010.

PNA Default Allocations

All students, faculty, staff, and official visitors have a default amount of PNA bandwidth available at no cost. These allocations are in place to ensure that bandwidth is distributed equally among users of both the Public Network and UTnet, the campus backbone network.

Students 500 MB (No change)
Faculty 75 GB (Up from 10 GB)
Full-time Staff 5 GB (Up from 2 GB)
Official Visitors 5 GB (Up from 2 GB)
Part-time Staff 1.5 GB (Up from 1 GB)

Tiered PNA

Students can subscribe to a Tiered PNA plan to supplement the default bandwidth allocation. It is recommended that you subscribe to this service if you use the Internet on campus often or exceed your weekly bandwidth limit.

Price Per Semester (Prorated)
Tier 1 5 GB (Up from 4 GB) $6/long semester, $5 for summer semester
Tier 2 25 GB (New) $36/long semester, $27 for summer semester

Note: Students living in the residence halls must subscribe to Resnet and are not eligible for the Tiered PNA service.

One-Time Purchase Bandwidth

Students, faculty, staff, and official visitors can make one-time purchases of PNA bandwidth through TXShop to supplement default allocations. You may want to purchase additional bandwidth if you have been moved to the 2nd-class network and are experiencing slower network connections.

5 GB (Up from 2 GB) $5

Project Bandwidth

Project Bandwidth is a departmentally funded option that provides supplemental bandwidth to students, faculty, and staff who regularly exceed their weekly bandwidth allocation for purposes related to the university mission.

Tier 1 5 GB $6/long semester, $5 for summer semester
Tier 2 25 GB $36/long semester, $27 for summer semester
One-Time Purchase 5GB $0.48 per GB

For questions or concerns about these services, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

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