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DEC Software Program


DEC enrollments are leased annually on a Fiscal Year basis (September 1 through August 31 of the following year). License costs are not pro-rated. The license cost remains the same regardless of when you join the program.

You must renew your license in the program each fiscal year (paying the applicable renewal costs) if you wish to continue using the software. Renewal notices are automatically sent to current program participants each year. Licenses activated using the CSLG License PAKs remain active for 15 months. If you do not install a License PAK at least every 15 months, your systems may face downtime due to license expiration. ITS highly recommends that participants update their licenses each quarter to avoid the possibility of downtime.

Note: Any clones purchased prior to July 1997 may continue to participate in the CSLG software program. If you purchased a clone during or after July 1997, your clone may not participate in the CSLG software program.

Updates and Upgrades

Active enrollees will receive e-mail notification each quarter as new CSLG License PAKs are received from the vendor. These typically become available in January, April, July, and October of each year. The License PAKs are are sent to technical contacts each quarter via e-mail and are also available on CD-ROM for an additional fee. You can purchase the CDs online.

CSLG quarterly updates of the portfolios will be purchased during the year when they become available. The portfolios are as follows:

  • Tru64 UNIX
  • OpenVMS (Alpha and VAX)

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