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Microsoft Campus Agreement

Please read the following important information before installing any Microsoft products. Do not lose your installation media!

Licensing and Equipment Requirements

Please note that by using this software you have agreed to abide by the restrictions and limitations set forth in the Microsoft Campus Agreement (“MSCA”) and/or Microsoft Academic Select Agreement ("Select") between Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft”) and The University of Texas at Austin (“the University”). The terms and instructions below apply to installation CDs and/or DVDs (“Media”) purchased from the Campus Computer Store (“the Store”), and to the Microsoft software product ("Software") stored on the Media. This information can also be found online at

PLEASE BACK UP ALL IMPORTANT FILES AND HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM (such as a boot or recovery disk provided by the manufacturer of your computer or operating system) BEFORE INSTALLING ANY OF THE MICROSOFT MEDIA.

Purchasing Media

Your department is NOT required to buy one copy of the media per computer. You may use one copy of the media on any University owned/managed systems. This media is NOT for use on personally owned computers.

You can purchase the installation media for Windows Operating System Upgrades and Office through your campus distribution point or through our Large Account Reseller (LAR) DELL. You can purchase the isntallation media for server products through DELL.


All installations should start automatically when the Media is loaded into the computer (label side up). Once installation begins, follow the installer’s on-screen instructions. If the installer does not start automatically, double-click the My Computer icon on the Windows desktop, and then double-click on your CD-ROM Drive. In the CD-ROM Drive window, double-click on the file named setup or setup.exe. For Macintosh systems, double-click the CD icon on the desktop, double-click the installation folder, and then double-click the icon for the installer.

Windows Desktop Operating System Upgrades

MSCA Operating System licenses for the desktop are upgrade licenses and require that you have an existing version of a Microsoft operating system on your machine (Windows XP, etc.) Non-upgrade Windows desktop OS licenses are not available through Microsoft Volume Purchasing programs.

Product Keys and Product Activation

Most products available for purchase by departments will require a Volume License Key (VLK) for installation. The VLKs assigned to the University can be used by faculty and staff on departmental machines only, and should only be known to employees who have a need to manage University computer systems. Do not share these keys with others.

For products covered under the MSCA (Office, Windows, Windows Server, etc.), keys are available online at (access requires UT EID).

For Microsoft products purchased under another volume license program such as Microsoft Select, VLKs can be obtained from ITS Software Distribution by sending e-mail to You will be required to provide SDS with proof of licensing (e.g. UT Purchase Order, vendor invoice, etc.) in order to obtain the keys.

Keeping Microsoft Software Updated

It is highly recommended that you keep your computer updated with the most recent service packs and product patches from Microsoft. These are freely downloadable and available through Windows Update by visiting using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser. Macintosh users can obtain product updates by visiting


Technical support is available free of charge through the ITS Help Desk. Microsoft offers free online support at You may also purchase phone support from Microsoft for $35 per incident by calling 800-936-5700. Please check with Microsoft for current rates, as they are subject to change.


No manuals or user guides are provided, other than electronic help and documentation included on the product media. Microsoft provides accessible documentation for visually impaired users at

New products and product upgrades

The Campus Computer Store allows you to stay informed of upgrades and new releases through monthly e-mail to the address on your order form. You may select this option at the time of software purchase.

Defective Merchandise

If you receive a defective CD-ROM, you may return it to the Store for a replacement, at no charge, within 30 days from the date of purchase. You must first obtain an Authorized Defective Media form from the ITS Help Desk. The Help Desk will need to verify that your media is defective. The Help Desk is located in the FAC Lobby. You are responsible for any return shipping costs when returning products by mail.


Please BACK UP your important files before installing any programs and please ensure that you have a backup of your operating system (such as a boot disk or recovery disk). Although Microsoft Media is guaranteed to be in working order, occasional problems may occur when installing Media on computers incompatible with that particular Media. Liability is limited to providing the Media only; neither the University nor the Store are responsible for lost data, damage to your configuration, or damage to any hardware. By installing this Media, you are agreeing to these liability terms.

Terms and Conditions of this Agreement

The Software is made available to you because the University has entered into volume license agreements with Microsoft Corp., namely the Microsoft Campus Agreement and the Microsoft Academic Select Agreement. Use of this software is governed by the terms of these agreements. For more information on these agreements and their terms, please see the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions or the Microsoft Campus Agreement distribution program, please send e-mail to

May 19, 2006 Microsoft Volume Licensing General Instructions for Departmental Media