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Microsoft Academic Select 6.0 Program


How to Buy


Effective under the terms of the Select 6.0 Agreement which went into effect on September 01, 2002, hard copy license certificates will NOT be provided for Select purchases.

Microsoft has implemented this policy, and neither they nor our Large Account Reseller (LAR) will provide license certificates to purchasers. Therefore, in order to maintain proof of licensing, you must keep your purchase invoice from Dell. This will serve as your only proof of licensing.

As of September 12, 2002, Dell Computer Corp. is the Large Account Reseller for The University of Texas System for purchases under the Microsoft Select 6.0 Agreement. In addition to providing access to blanket purchase orders, Dell is now able to provide convenience and low cost to university departments (not to students) in the following areas:

  • Licensing for Microsoft software titles available under the Select program
  • Licensing for Microsoft Software Assurance offerings
  • Microsoft Select CD-ROM media for available titles
  • Microsoft documentation for all software titles available

In addition to the above, combining Dell's blanket purchase order options with their Large Account Reseller status yields the following benefits:

  • OptiPlex, Latitude and Precision systems purchased from Dell will no longer include MS Office installation fees (previously a $24.99 charge).
  • Departments will have the option of purchasing their Server systems with MS Select Licensing rather than full licenses (savings depends on version of Windows).

Before you buy software, please keep in mind that certain Systems, Applications and CALs are available under the Microsoft Campus Agreement at a price lower than that offered under Select.

Obtaining Pricing

Pricing for products available under the Select agreement is set by Microsoft and its retailers. Dell maintains pricing information both in their online catalog and as a downloadable price list, both available by accessing the Dell Premier Site. ITS does not maintain a local mirror of any pricing information.

Ordering Select Software

NOTE: Installation media is not included in license purchases. You will not receive any shippable items unless you specifically purchase disk kits.

STOP! If you are looking to purchase desktop products or Client Access Licenses (CALs), please make sure these products are not already covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

The following instructions for Microsoft Select purchases are only for departments at University of Texas System Institutions. Students are not eligible to purchase Select software, but can purchase certain Microsoft titles under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Departments at UT System Institutions can purchase MS Select software through the Dell Premier site that was previously used only for purchasing hardware products under the Dell Blanket Purchase Order. You may also want to consider ordering a maintenance agreement.

Method 1 - Purchase from price list (SKU on PO)

  1. Log on to the Dell Premier site (instructions below).
  2. Using the blue navigation bar across the top of the window, click on Reports, and then Custom (generic) Excel Report. Click on Your Customer Report.
  3. You should see a browser dialog window asking whether you would like to Open the file or Save it. Internet Explorer users should click Open to view the file in a browser window; users of other web browsers (such as Netscape) should Save the file their computer and then open it from the file system. (Note: This price list is in Microsoft Excel format. You will need to have Excel installed in order to view the file.)
  4. You should now be viewing a spreadsheet containing Dell's Price List for MS Select software with products sorted alphabetically by product name.
  5. To purchase software, you will need to send a PO to Dell containing the SKUs for the products you would like to purchase.

Obtaining a Purchase Order (UT Austin Purchasers only)

  1. For amounts within PB0 limits, create a PB0 document. For amounts over PB0 limits, create a PB4 document in *DEFINE.
  2. When creating the PB0 or PB4, use the vendor ID number 17426168054019 (Dell's Vendor No.) No justification or additional bids will be required.

Method 2 - Purchase using Dell's online catalog (buy online)

Dell has recently added a feature to their Premier Site to allow for easier purchase of software products. You can access this feature by logging into the Dell Premier Site (instructions), and clicking on Software and Peripherals link from the Purchasing Tools menu on the left-side navigation bar.

This should open a new browser window containing the Software and Peripherals section of Dell's online catalog. Click Software on the left-side navigation. This will place the list of software categories in the center of the page. Click Software - Select from the bottom of this list to see the categories of Select software available.

From here, you can search for Microsoft products in the Software section. Products that are priced under the Microsoft Select agreement will contain "[MS Select SKUs]" along with the Dell part number.

Please note that this is a new feature from Dell and still under development in some areas. Software Distribution has not yet had a chance to properly document use of the product catalog, but purchasers are welcome to use this feature if they like.

Note: Not all products available through the SKU list (above) are available via the catalog.

Accessing Dell Premier

The Dell Premier Site allows you to create your own personal profile for logging on to the site with your own personal password. If you do not already have a profile, you will need to contact our Dell account representatives to configure access.

  1. Go to the URL in your web browser.
  2. If you already have a profile registered with Dell:
    1. Click on Retrieve your Personal Profile.
    2. Enter the Email address and Personal Password that you registered with Dell, click submit.
    3. You should now view a screen with the fields Account (University of Texas [Buyer] is your only option) and Password (Choose your personal password).  (You may also select Remember my Password if you would prefer not to re-enter your personal password each time you visit the site.)  Click Sign-in.
    Please Note: If you have not used this site before you will need to contact the Dell account representative for your school. If you do not know who that is, contact our Dell account representatives for more information.
  3. You will now view the main Premier Screen. From here, you can shop for Systems, Software & Peripherals, and Standard Configurations using the blue navigation bar across the top of the page. To purchase Microsoft Select software, click Software & Peripherals.
  4. Once in the Software section, you can choose Software - Select under Browse for Products to view the Microsoft Select items.

Questions about the information and procedures on this page should be directed to Software Distribution & Sales.

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