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Current ITS Projects

Current Projects

  • Campus Wireless Access Point (WAP) Replacement Project
    • 10/7/2014 - ITS Networking is upgrading roughly half of the wireless network access points located across campus to both greatly improve wireless network service as well as life cycle units approaching the end of their service. This effort began in the residence halls at the beginning of summer 2014 and will continue across the rest of campus throughout fall 2014 and spring 2015.‚Äč
  • Centralized Authentication Resiliency Enhancement (CARE) Project
    • 10/29/2015 - Due to resource constraints, the CARE project has been put on hold following the conclusion of the architecture assessment phase. The CSC has endorsed the summary presented by the CARE team. The project may be reinstated at a future date.
  • Drupal Services Program
    • 1/19/2016 - The Managed and Hosted CMS project is wrapping up the Solution Analysis phase and preparing for service implementation. The project team is implementing a SAML authentication proof of concept for WordPress websites and testing a WordPress theme which provides a simplified version of the UT website look and feel. The Request for Proposal (RFP) responses have been evaluated and the vendor selection is imminent. Service implementation will begin when the vendor contract has been finalized.
  • Duo Implementation and Transition
    • 11/19/2015 - Project planning complete and technical implementation on key systems is underway.
  • Group E-Mail UI / Backend Upgrade Project
    • 5/7/2015 - The UI/Backend Upgrade project is an enhancement of the Regroup-based Group E-Mail solution rolled out in 2014, providing better support for new lists, improved and more consistent administrative roles, more departmental control, and better tracking of changes. This project will also position Group E-Mail to remove its reliance on the mainframe. We have completed the Requirements phase and are nearing the end of the Design phase.
  • IAM Modernization Program
    • 1/21/2016 - A vendor was selected and the final contract is awaiting Board of Regents approval in February.
  • Lightweight Authentication Project
    • 1/21/2016 - The project team is working with Purchasing on the RFP process.
  • Secure Message Upgrade
    • 9/8/2014 - The project is close to completing the Build phase. We are working with the vendor and the Identity and Access Management team to implement authorization and authentication for secure messaging. We expect to complete this task in September, at which point we will begin testing the solution end-to-end. Deployment is scheduled for October, 2014.
  • SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Project
    • 1/27/2016 - The project continues through summer 2016 with SharePoint 2010 migrations. For current SharePoint 2010 site owners, please send an email to to begin planning your migration.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol
    • As of October 2015 - The buildings noted on the VoIP Wiki page have been completed with the exception of the analog lines and call centers. Over 21,797 lines have been covered or suspended to date.
  • Web Central Service Retirement Project
    • 12/18/2015 - The WCSR project team continues to communicate with Web Central web site owners about site migration plans. A complete plan for web site migration and web site archiving has been completed. All UTS website and email owners have been notified of the April 2016 UTS retirement date. The team continues to contact each website owner for four check-in points to ensure that website migrations proceed as planned.
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