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"I Didn't Take the Bait."

I almost got scammed last week, but I didn’t. Here’s what happened. I was trying to sell some old text books because I wanted to make some extra money. I posted them online and this person contacted me and was interested in buying one of the books. When I received the check it was 600 times what I had asked for! The person wanted me to deposit the money into my account and then refund the difference. Right away I knew something was up. It just didn’t feel right to me.

I reported the incident to the UTPD. They explained this is a pretty common scam. If I had deposited the check and gotten cash to refund the difference, I would have lost all that money. The bank would find out I deposited a bad check and I would have to pay them back. I’ve learned it’s a good idea to ask WHY someone wants to change a business deal. I’m really glad I didn’t take the bait.

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