The University of Texas at Austin

Security Awareness

Avoiding Spyware

The best way to protect your computer form spyware is to install an anti-spyware program that monitors the activity of software on your computer. Like a virus scanner, anti-spyware software detects and attempts to remove malicious applications from your computer.

Spyware infects computers when the user interacts with a malicious resource on the Internet. The following rules will help keep your computer safe from spyware:

  • Never click links in unsolicited (spam) e-mail or instant messages.
  • Only open e-mail attachments from trusted sources.
  • Avoid visiting Web sites that contain questionable content, including sites that offer illegal music, movie, and software downloads.
  • Pay attention to the Google Results page. Google identifies sites that may contain malicious content. Avoid clicking links that have been identified as such.

NOTE: There are a number of malicious programs that purport to be anti-virus and anti-spyware applications.

To ensure that the anti-virus and anti-spyware software you are downloading is safe, be sure to download one of the packages available through Bevoware. Software can be downloaded through Bevoware at no cost to students, faculty, or staff.