The University of Texas at Austin

Security Awareness

Securing Your Laptop in Case of Theft

The best way to secure the information stored on your laptop is to disable any automatic login feature and use a strong password for your user account.

Faculty and staff using Windows-based (XP, Vista and 7) laptops with an immediate need for whole encryption, should consider using Enterprise Whole Disk Encryption, a service that is available at no cost, which encrypts all of the files on your computer including the operating system.

Students, faculty, and staff using Macintosh computers with Mac OS X should enable Filevault, Apple's built-in encryption system.

On November 1, 2010, WinMagic's SecureDoc will be replacing SafeBoot as the new encryption software for University-owned computers. SecureDoc provides encryption for both PCs and Macs and will be available for use by all faculty and staff on campus.

The Information Security Office provides a form for reporting stolen equipment that should be used in the even that university-owned equipment is stolen from you.